Escape from the summer heat...

... at the WCC pool.  Boasting a gradual grade kiddie pool for our younger guests that transitions to a 4 lane oasis for everyone.  Enjoy pool side service for cocktails and refreshments and a pool menu to suit the need of all of our members.

The following information describes our swimming pool policies as well as provides a form to request a pool pass.


General Information

Hours of Operation:

Regular Summer Hours:

11:00am – 8:00pm

Late Summer Hours:(Starting late August to Labor Day) – *see calendar for exact dates as they are announced

Weekdays: 4:00pm-8:00pm

Weekends: 11:00am – 8:00pm

Pool Opening/Closing:

The WCC Pool opens over Memorial Day Weekend and closes on Labor Day.

Pool Pass:

A WCC member pool pass is required for entrance to the pool.

Guest Fees:

Weekdays: $5/Guest – Weekends: $10/Guest
*All guests must be accompanied by a WCC member
*Only ONE Guest per Member
*Grandchildren 13 yrs. and under are free when accompanied by a Grandparent.

Lap Swimming:

Lap swimming time is from 11:00-Noon. The lane rope will be taken down during that hour and other swimmers are asked to stay away from the area where the swimmer is swimming laps. Swimmers not swimming laps need to remain courteous to those swimming laps. Members wishing to swim laps at any other time may ask the guard on duty. If it is deemed safe to take the rope down, lap swimming will be permitted.

Babysitter’s Pass

A summer sitter’s pass is available for $50/family for the entire summer.  Passes may be purchased inside the Clubhouse.

Pass Stipulations: The pass is interchangeable among the sitters that you use.  One sitter may use the pass while on babysitting duty with your children present.  Sitter cannot use the pass if the children are not present.  Parents cannot be present, at the pool, if pass is being used by the sitter.


Pool Rules

These rules will be strictly enforced as to ensure a safe swimming environment at the WCC.

-No running on pool deck.
-No glass containers may be brought into the pool area.
-Drinks in non-breakable containers are allowed.
-No food in pool area.
-No smoking allowed in pool area.
-Refrain from use of foul language.
-No dunking, horseplay or playing of any kind that may endanger a swimmer.
-No spitting.
-Babies and toddlers that are not potty trained should wear swim diapers at all times.
-No hanging on ropes.
-Squirt guns will be allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard.
-Respect other pool goers.
-NO super soakers.
-No toys bigger than a basketball will be allowed.
-Toys left at the pool will be disposed of in one week.
-All toys need to be picked up when not in use.
-One guest per member per visit.
-Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The pool is not a sitting service.
-Swimwear must be worn. Jean shorts, boxers, street clothes, etc. are not allowed.
-All swimmers should sign-in the pool log book, found at the main lifeguard chair.
-Swimmers will be asked to exit the pool during electrical storms. A period of 15 minutes after the last lightening sighting is required before swimmers may reenter the pool.
-The guards will issue a verbal warning to a swimmer if a rule is violated. The second infraction may result in a “time-out” period, and the third infraction may result in loss of pool privileges for a day.