Q: What if I forget my member number?
A: Member account information can be accessed in our system by your member number or by your last name. Either can be used when charging to your account.

Q: How do I go about getting a pool pass?
A: Please register here: Pool Pass Request Form.  A photo is needed for each pass made. You can either email a photo to wccmanager@waterloocountryclub.com or drop in a photo of you and your family members or we can take a picture next time you are at the Club. It typically takes a week or so to process the pass.

Q: Do I have to wait to receive my pool pass to access the pool?
A: No. There is a separate sign-in sheet for members waiting on passes. You can use the pool at any time.

Q: What do I need to do when I want to golf?
A: The caddy shack is located at the back of the parking lot, directly behind tee #1. Cart rental fees and/or guest fees can be paid to the caddy shack attendant. If the caddy shack is closed, envelopes are provided at the green podium and a mailbox is hanging above the podium. Please sign in on the sheet at the podium.

Q: I have money left on my account from last quarter. Is there any way that I can roll it over?
A: A special request may be submitted to the Board of Directors for specific situations, such as travel, illness, ect. Typically, account minimums must be used during the current quarter.

Q: Can I put extra money on my account (i.e. for children’s use at the pool, ect.)?
A: Yes, extra money can be applied to your account balances; however, that money must also be used during the current quarter.

Q: What is the dress code for the clubhouse?
A: No hats are allowed inside the clubhouse. Casual dress attire is expected, but not required.

Q: Can I use my account money to tip my server?
A: No. Account minimums must be spent on food and beverages from the Clubhouse/Shack/Pool only.